About Us

About Us

You may be interested to know more about the Society what we are doing and how we are going about it in the best interests of the Legal Profession in Cheshire and North Wales.

Our primary role in broad terms as set out below is to represent, promote and engage with members of the Legal Profession regionally and nationally as we have been doing since the Chester and North Wales Law Society was formed in 1859 before incorporation in 1881. The Legal Profession and the environment in which we operate has changed dramatically since the Society was formed but especially over the last decade or so. We must ensure that our role evolves and moves with the times so that our work is relevant and meaningful to us all.

Despite our long history we do not stand still. We have recently made significant advances with a view to placing the Society at the centre of activity in the region. To demonstrate our serious intent and to evidence our progress as a Society here are some examples of recent initiatives planned and implemented in a variety of ways.


  • Increased from 150 to 420 in 6 months
  • Introduction of Corporate Membership
  • Survey of the Profession across the region


A range of sponsors have been attracted to the Society with potential to improve and increase the level of sponsorship as the Society grows and activity increases.


A full range of learning activity is now available covering a wide variety of subjects all of which are directly relevant to legal practice including regulation and service delivery.


Members have been delighted by the expanding range of social activities now available including the Annual Dinner, Annual Charity Ball, Leisure walk, Golf Day, Quiz Night and general social activity often involving licensed premises.


A number of charitable organisations have benefitted from the efforts of the Society and its members raising funds for example for the Alzheimer’s Society and for Cancer Research.

This is regarded as an important part of the Society’s role in raising social awareness and supporting local and national charitable causes.


The website has been rebuilt to improve communication, information and social engagement with particular emphasis on social networking.


The Society aims to become the first point of call for those seeking employment or a career move and for Employers to fill their vacancies’. The recruitment section of the website plays a central role in this respect.

Junior Lawyers Division

The Society works closely with the Junior Lawyers Division with a view to promoting joint events and activities.

See http://www.cnwjld.org


The Societies committee meetings are now held at the University of Law a venue more convenient for everyone and creating a permanent home. Committee meetings are also to be held across the region to accommodate more members in North Wales and Cheshire.


Now the ‘Cheshire and North Wales Law Society’ replaces ‘The Chester and North Wales incorporated Law Society’ – a more modern brand easier on the eye and more representative of the region which we represent.

The Society provides a representative to the national Law Society who regularly attends meetings at head office in London to keep the regions profession in touch and to feed back on developments ensuring always that we have a voice at national level.

These are just some examples to demonstrate real progress and momentum in shaping the Society to meet the needs of the profession in the region.

Members are invited to make their own contribution towards the work of the Society and to share their thoughts and ideas to help us keep up the momentum and to build on our success.

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