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DATE:                          Thursday 15th November 2018

VENUE:                       Moneypenny Offices, Western Gateway, Wrexham LL13 7ZB

SPEAKERS:                 Viv Williams, Tim Lwin, Andrew Hague, Gail Biddulph, Claire Smith, Ewan Sturman and Stuart Cartwright

TIME:                           1:00pm Registration       1:30-5:30pm Seminar


Mergers, consolidations and acquisitions – VIV WILLIAMS 1:30PM – 2:10PM 

  • Succession planning
  • Preparing your firm for exit
  • General update on what is happening in the market


Each of our sponsors will give a brief presentation about how the services and products they offer can improve efficiency in the office and save you money

Advice on how to improve profits and claiming cash back for clients – sound interesting? – Tim Lwin – 2.40pm – 3.00pm

R&D Tax relief: Getting cash back for your clients – to pay your fees?

  • What is R&D Tax relief?
  • How to identify when your clients can claim
  • How much can clients claim and how the process works

cash flow and profitability – Andrew Hague – 3.00pm – 3.20pm

Andrew will discuss how simple changes can improve cash flow and profitability. He will draw on his day to day experience of working with many law firms to talk you through his top tips on the importance of cash flow management, how to improve cash flow and increase profitability.

REFRESHMENTS and networking 3:20PM – 3:50PM

how to generate additional Revenue through lawshare  – Stuart Cartwright -3.50pm – 4.10pm

Are You Ready to Confidently Publish Your Prices, Compete and Comply?–  Gail Biddulph  4.10PM – 4:35PM

Complying with the SRA and publishing prices on your website seems straight forward, but it is riddled with potential problems.

In this informative whistle-stop tour Gail Biddulph shares nuggets of valuable information overcoming pricing problems so you can reap the business rewards of complying with the

SRA’s requirement to publish prices on your website.

You will discover:

  1. How to publish prices and attract more clients
  2. Why publishing prices isn’t simply a job for your web designer
  3. The top 3 ways to generate clients who will pay more for your services
  4. How to avoid competing on price and improve client satisfaction
  5. How using a regulatory task can enhance your marketing results
  6. Why banishing “one word” unlocks the clients who need your services
  7. Why your clients will be happy to pay you more than your competitors

This talk gives practical, real life insights in how to take advantage of the opportunities that are currently available.

Weaving compliance with marketing and operational effectiveness with psychology creates opportunities to set your firm apart from competitors, comply, charge your worth and attract more clients.

Generate More Business by word or mouth referrals – Ewan Sturman – 4.35pm – 5.00pm

How, through culture, you deliver the best customer service  – Claire Smith – 5.00pm – 5.15pm

How Moneypenny has created a culture that puts them in the top five of the Sunday Times ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list



Viv Williams

Viv Williams is a leading consultant to law firms on topics of strategy, management, practice, development and marketing, he is Consulting Director at Symphony Legal.

Viv’s experience as a Managing Director of two floated PLC companies adds a new dimension to law firms. He has the experience necessary to provide an invaluable practical management insight that applies to all professional firms. He is a specialist in strategy, merger and acquisition and “lean management” theory helping law firms to evolve. He provides the vision and inspiration for law firms to come more corporate. By applying corporate governance to a modern law firm, Viv helps them to improve their management systems and increase profitability.

Viv is involved with several businesses serving the legal profession as Chairman of Ochresoft Technologies providing specialist solutions for conveyancing and private client and Director of Ampersand which provides merger and acquisition solutions for the legal profession.

Viv has written two books on law firm management and is regularly interview by the Law Society Gazette on a host of topics; he has a monthly column in the Solicitors Journal.

Viv is an accomplished public speaker and has presented numerous seminars and conferences and is a key note speaker at LegalEx.

Tim Lwin

Tim Lwin, Tax Partner. Tim is a Chartered Tax Professional and Chartered Accountant and is the driving force behind Howard Worth R&D tax advice service.  Tim offers a wide range of businesses insightful advice drawing from his 20 years’ plus experience built up at PWC and Arthur Andersen in corporate tax and tax investigations teams.

Andrew Hague

Andrew Hague, Partner. Andrew is a qualified Chartered Accountant specialising in providing lawyers and with practical, helpful advice that will have an impact in your firm. He is an accredited trainer for ProfitWatch©, a piece of software specifically designed by the UK200Group for modern legal businesses and solicitors, which gives reliable forecasts of future cash flow to help strategic planning

Gail Biddulph

Gail Biddulph is an expert on improving client satisfaction, operational performance and turns compliance into business growth opportunities.

She’s worked with over 400 firms, 9 of which are in the Top 50, streamlining systems giving consistency of service, improved client attraction and better compliance. She has been IT Director for Weightmans and Thompsons and worked for other notable firms including Hill Dickinsons.

Gail has a unique skill set combining IT and business psychology with systems, processes and accelerated business growth strategies, which when combined exponentially improve business results.

She’s analysed and managed fee earner improvements from over 45,000 file reviews and has a simple three step system for removing 80% of non-conformances relating to the areas clients comment on most – speed of service, communication and costs.

With her experience she quickly gets to the nub of business and operational problems providing effective solutions that positively impact growth opportunities.

Claire Smith

Having joined Moneypenny’s sales team in 2017, Claire is no stranger to the Legal Sector and the world of Business Development. Claire qualified as a Solicitor before moving into the exciting world of Business Development specialising in the legal sector. Claire headed up Connect2Law the UKs largest referral and support network for law firms before moving to join the national legal brand QualitySolicitors.

Legal is Moneypenny’s largest sector with specialist receptionists now handling more than two million calls a year for around 900 law firms of all shapes and sizes – supporting their reception function either on an overflow or fully outsourced basis. Claire is passionate about working with individual firms to provide them with tailored solutions – living and breathing the industry and well known as a regular attendee and speaker at events.

Ewan Sturman

Ewan Sturman, known as the Jack Dee of networking for his dry humour, is a leading Referral Marketing expert and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow their business by word of mouth.

He is an international trainer of Word-of-Mouth Marketing and is the Executive Director of Chester and North Wales for BNI, the world’s largest referral marketing and business networking organisation.

With over ten years of experience in the subject, Ewan teaches businesses how to create connections from existing contacts and has co-authored an audio CD on the subject; ‘How to Get More Business Through People You Already Know’, which was released in 2011.

Ewan uses his own experience from setting up a successful optician’s to run workshops on the different ways of developing your business through word- of- mouth referrals and maximising networking opportunities in order to promote your business.

Ewan helps business people grow their contacts by “word of mouth marketing” and is a key note speaker at conferences on the subject of referral marketing.


Stuart cartwright is Head of the Lawshare team at JMW, where in the last 7 years, he has built a network of over 400 predominantly North West based Law firms.

A former partner in JMW’s Criminal team, Stuart is going to discuss how Lawshare can be used by firms to ensure their clients are always offered a solution to their problem whilst at the same time protecting the valuable relationship with the client.

Referral arrangements can be cumbersome, difficult to monitor and don’t always cover all the bases and Stuart will pass on some of his observations on how referral opportunities are sometimes missed and also opportunities to generate additional income for the firm.


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