Valedictory Address: His Honour Judge Roger Dutton DL

Valedictory Address: His Honour Judge Roger Dutton DL

Posted on November 21, 2018 at 2:33 pm

On Monday 19th November 2018, CNWLS Committee Member and Past-President Ron Davison attended the valedictory of His Honour Judge Roger Dutton DL, Honorary Recorder of Chester Crown Court, in Court 1, Chester Crown Court.

Representing the Society, Ron delivered the following address:

Your Honour,

On behalf of the 146,000 solicitor members of the Law Society and more particularly those of the Cheshire and North Wales Law Society may I say what a great honour it is to play my small part in your valedictory address.

We have always considered His Honour to be a friend to solicitors, although I suspect many of them standing before him in this Court room may not have felt as comfortable as I do today.

I spoke to a number of criminal solicitors when preparing this address and what became apparent was that His Honour is well liked, hugely respected and will be sorely missed. One of my own solicitors seemed however relatively pleased Judge Dutton would not be sentencing his client next month. Read in to that what you will!

I know he was very proud to be offered the role as Honorary Recorder of Chester Crown Court and he has discharged his duties diligently and with his usual passion.

It would be remiss not to mention in this Court his predecessor, His Honour Judge Elgan Edwards, an equally great man who sadly did not live to enjoy the benefit of receiving his own valedictory. His Honour Judge Dutton certainly had large boots to fill. I am sure everyone would agree that he has filled them handsomely.

I am proud to be able to speak personally about my friendship with His Honour, which is rooted in our support of Welsh Rugby.

I am reminded of an occasion shortly before a Six Nations Scotland away trip when Judge Dutton was asked to adjourn a Trial by Mr Robert Trevor Jones. Now, Counsel was not particularly persuasive in his arguments – advancing very little reasoning hoping that our learned Judge would remember his social calendar and the plans made to travel up the day before the game.

No such luck I’m afraid. Application refused “Justice delayed is justice denied”

Undeterred, Mr Trevor Jones repeated his application feeling assured the penny would shortly drop. Sadly not. “Under no circumstances would there be an adjournment.”

His Honour I am led to understand was becoming increasingly frustrated.

One last desperate attempt was made but this time 3 critical words were included in the submissions. “Travel difficulties “ and “Murrayfield”.

Application granted – Trial adjourned for a month. Justice it would seem on this occa- sion could wait; there was after all a Grand Slam at stake.

We wish His Honour all the best for the future and hope that he will always remain a friend to solicitors. I can assure him that solicitors, this one especially, will of course, always remain a friend to him.

Ymddeoliad hapus – Happy retirement Your Honour


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