Crime at Festivals – Media Comment Opportunity

The press team at the Law Society with a focus on regional media are hoping to reach out to some local Cheshire radio stations with an idea around crime at festivals to tie in with Creamfields festival in Cheshire on 22 – 25 August and have asked if we have any criminal solicitors in Cheshire who might be happy to be interviewed on this topic.At this stage all that is needed is an interest in being involved. The press team would then pitch out to local radio stations and get back in touch if any stations decide to pick up the idea.

Please find the pitch below for a better idea of what the broadcasts might look like:

Every summer, the UK hosts dozens of festivals but are festivals also a hotspot for crime? What happens if you fall victim to or are involved in a crime at a festival?

Figures released by Policy Expert show that one in thirty experience theft at music festivals and Metro reported 96 crimes and 16 arrests at Glastonbury 2019 (a 42% decrease from last year). A 2018 YouGov survey also showed that 43% of female festival goers under 40 have experienced sexual behaviour at music festivals.

With Creamfields festival on the horizon on 22 – 25 August, this raises some interesting questions such as – how can you report a crime at a festival? What happens if you fall victim to crime at a festival? How are drug laws enforced at music festivals? What should festival goers do if they are accused of a crime? What should festival goers be aware of before attending festivals? Is crime at festivals starting to fall?

If you have any questions,  or at all interested in being involved in this please contact: Emma Clarke  –

T: +44 208 049 3743

M: +44 7966 931229




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