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Document Direct is a UK-based digital dictation, typing, transcription and document production company. We help over 350 clients make great cost-savings as well as improve their efficiency and case turnaround time.

Confidentiality and security are paramount, with us supporting many top 200 UK law firm clients.  And, thanks to our 24/7 service, you will never find yourself without typing support.


  • Immediate cost savings of up to 50% compared to your current cost base.
  • Quicker return of your typing to enable you to more promptly respond to clients.
  • Freeing up of resources to be better deployed in other areas of your business.

Out of Hours Cover

Years of experience in the legal industry have shown us that legal firms are not 9 to 5 businesses.  That’s why we are available for submissions and revisions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Not only that, but out-of-hours and weekend cover is charged at our standard rate and our helpdesk is on call 24/7.

Experienced Legal Secretaries

At Document Direct we only recruit experienced legal secretaries who are experts in specialist legal transcription.  This means that our typists understand all legal terminology and the required layout of the many legal documents.  Their services can be utilised in all areas of law.

Confidentiality & Security

We understand the need for confidentiality and security in dealing with sensitive legal documents.  We adhere to best practice standards so that you can feel confident that your documents are in safe hands.  This is why we are the only UK based outsourced company servicing the legal profession on a 24/7 basis to have ISO 27001 certification.


We provide a cost-effective typing solution.  This is a fixed rate, pay-as-you-go, no hidden extras plan.  Document Direct helps your business operate more efficiently to improve your profitability and, by being able to receive your documents back quicker, you can also provide a better client service.  Outsourcing your typing also frees up your in-house team to work on other projects, leading to a more profitable and efficient operation all-round.  We can also work within your case and document management system to offer you even greater admin and time-saving benefits.  We have experience of every major CMS and DMS.

We are confident you will love our service, so we offer a 30-minute free trial for you to use and see for yourself.

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