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One of the first events we were invited to as sponsors of CNWLS was ‘Race Around Wales – 870-mile challenge’ in aid of The Trussell Trust and KidsBank for the Junior Law Division.

We have a great team spirit here at Document Direct and after hearing about the challenge, our team of ‘athletes’ were keen to download Strava and volunteer.

I’d like to introduce you to Document Direct’s Team QWERTY…

Martyn Best, CEO

First and foremost is Martyn Best, our CEO, who will always join in something like this – some sort of competitive streak thing!

Of course, that competitive element, even turned to the Strava Art and, whilst watching his daughter, Grace, play netball he was ambling around the nearby racetrack and noticed his route had turned into a face.  So, completing that with eyes and a smile, despite some rather curious looks from the netball team and their supporters – he has come up with our entrant for the Strava Art competition. A very good likeness to his photo below, don’t you think?

Tracey LongbottomNational Sales Manager

Tracey Longbottom, our National Sales Manager was the first to jump at the chance of joining team QWERTY – she loves a challenge!

In fact, Tracey, became our wounded warrior after falling on one of her runs. This didn’t stop her though, as she can be very determined when she wants to be and it was her aim to complete the challenge and give of her best. In fact, the day after her fall, she could be seen sprinting around Manchester with her French bulldog, Terri and Boston Terrier, Stevie in tow. She is also known to join some of our clients on an early morning walking call.

Liz MoseleyDocument Production Specialists

Liz is one of our fantastic Document Production Specialists, has been running for 18 years, is a run leader for her local running club and a yoga guru.

If you’ve recently frequented the beautiful Trans Pennine Trail you may have seen Liz in her jazzy leggings.  She would rise early to add to the mileage whilst walking her crazy cocker spaniel and whilst watching her son, Max, play football.

Operations Director, Pauline Connolly

Also joining team QWERTY was our wonderful Operations Director, Pauline Connolly – the Race Around Wales has reignited Pauline’s passion for running and she has recently re-joined her local “Hinckley Running Club”.

Currently Pauline runs around her local village and parks, and is hoping that she’ll soon be able to travel and run around the salt lakes, beaches and mountains near her holiday home in the Valencia region of Spain.

Greg Best – Marketing Manager

If you’re following Document Direct on LinkedIn, you will no doubt be familiar with the regular updates of our travels from Greg Best, our Marketing Manager.

Greg is a keen runner and cyclist and would run home from our Head Office in Liverpool clocking up some extra mileage.

Karen Godden – Account Manager

Karen Godden is a key member of our team and one of our Account Managers. 

Karen transitioned from skipping to running having recently taken part in a 5k skip for charity with her daughter, Isabel.  She mainly clocked up the miles on the school run and got out to enjoy the Kent countryside at the weekends.

Michelle RowlandAccount Manager

And lastly, you may already have met me on one of the recent CNWLS seminars – I’m Michelle Rowland, an Account Manager at Document Direct and I had the privilege of being “team leader” for ‘Race around Wales’.

I encouraged team QWERTY to run, cycle or swim that extra mile.  I will usually be seen out on the water sailing or kayaking (unfortunately that didn’t count towards the challenge) and so through May I took to dry land and could be seen walking around the Isle of Portland and the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, where I live.  Being only 13 miles round the Island it would take 67 laps of our coastal path to cover the same distance!

Together we’re all part of the team known as “Document Direct” – we provide 24/7 digital dictation, typing and document production services and have been supporting the legal industry for over 15 years.  We currently work on behalf of over 350 law firms across the UK, Ireland and as far away as New Zealand.  Firms we support include top 100 law firms: Keystone Law, Shakespeare Martineau and Hill Dickinson as well as several of your own members – Gamlins Law, Agri Advisor, Mosshaselhurst, Guthrie Jones & Jones, Storrar Cowdry and Celtic Law.

We also have a dictation app which we can provide free of charge, providing you with the facility to dictate wherever you are, whether that’s racing around Wales, at home or in the office.

You can find out more about our service here www.documentdirect.co.uk

We’ve had a real sense of fun taking part in ‘Race Around Wales’ – if you’d like to join us we’re out most mornings, lunch times, evenings to add to the miles, and do give us a call on 01926 821900.

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With huge congratulations to everyone who took part and special congratulations to Hibberts Team 1 and 2 who won Gold and Silver from us all here at Document Direct!

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